How to Organize the Blogs You Read in Feedly

If you enjoy reading blogs like I do, you probably use an RSS feed reader to organize the blogs you read. For several years, my feed reader of choice was Google Reader, but I’m a Feedly girl now.
Organize the Blogs You Read in Feedly
Sure, it took some adjustment to change from Google Reader to Feedly – anything does when you’ve been using a tool for years and it suddenly disappears – but I soon got the hang of Feedly’s look and style.

A few people have asked me recently, “How do you organize the blogs you read?” I mean, just because you use Feedly (or some other RSS reader) doesn’t mean that your blog feeds are organized. I am not an organization guru, but I’ve found a really simple system that keeps my Feedly neat and tidy. Perhaps this system will help you, too.

1. Group the blogs you follow into themes.

Take note of  the different types of blogs that you read. For example, I read blogs about

  • photography tips
  • small biz tips
  • social media tips
  • blogging tips
  • personal blogs

2. Assign each theme to a different day of the week.

I follow about 50 blogs, so lumping them all together in Feedly would be overwhelming. Instead, I organize the blogs into categories. My category names are simple: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Based on how busy that day of the week is for me, I put fewer or more blogs in those categories.

For example, on Monday, I read blogs with small biz tips. Tuesday is the day to read blogs with photography tips, etc. I have only 3 or 4 blogs in my Monday category, because that is a busy day for me. I have about 10 blogs in my Friday category because that is a less-busy day.

3. Determine to read the posts in that category on that day.

I try to read all of the posts in that category each weekday. This way, the number of un-read posts never becomes overwhelming.

When I say “read the posts,” I mean “browse through the posts.” Feedly has a nifty “Save for later” option that I use quite regularly. If a blog post title sounds interesting, I click the bookmark icon. Later, when I have more time to read the entire blog post, I open the “Saved for Later” group and read through several articles in one sitting. (The “save for later” function is similar to the “starred post” feature in Google Reader.)
Feedly save for later
Some days I get eager and read ahead to the next day’s posts, but my goal is to read at least the posts from that day.


I created a video below for those of you who are visual learners. I hope it helps you organize the blogs you read. Feel free to ask any questions that you might have about my process. I’m happy to help if I can!

What RSS feed reader do you use? Do you organize your feeds, or do you lump them all together and read them when you can? Please share your thoughts in the comments.Julie Signature


Melissa - I made the transition to Feedly but also have Bloglovin’. I’m trying to figure out which one I like best and is easiest to navigate. I definitely like the look of Bloglovin’ better than Feedly but I like you can organize by themes etc. with Feedly. I haven’t organized them yet by theme but I think I will now! That is a great idea! Thanks for the great post!

Julie - I haven’t tried Blog Lovin’ yet, but I have heard several people say they love it. Thanks for your comment, Melissa!

Alison @ Daily Moves and Grooves - I use Feedly and I follow so many blogs! Probably more than I actually get around to reading. I have organized my favorite healthy living blogs into one group, and that’s the folder I usually go to first. After seeing your fabulous tutorial, I might try to organize them further. Thanks so much!

Julie - Thanks for your great feedback, Alison! I’m glad to hear that the article helped you! Best of luck getting your Feedly running like a well-oiled machine. :)

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