How to Add an Instagram Photo Widget to Your Blog

Want to share your Instagram photos with a wider audience? Share them on your blog with an Instagram photo widget!Instagram Photo Widget on Blog
Those who use Instagram know how fun (and addicting) it can be! I use Instagram to capture spur-of-the-moment photo opportunities, and I love the filters that give the photos even more pizzazz!

Although some of my blog readers already follow me on Instagram, some of my closest friends and family members don’t have a smart phone or even know what Instagram is! They are missing out on photos that they might really enjoy!

Sure, I can provide a link to my Instagram profile on my blog, but a widget that displays my Instagram photos right on my blog is even more fun!

So why should you consider adding an Instagram photo widget to your blog?
Sharing your Instagram photos on your blog is a wonderful way to provide fresh content, even on days when you don’t have time to write a regular blog post. Every time you post something new to Instagram, that photo will appear in the photo widget, and you don’t have to lift a finger or type a single character! Sweet!

Where should you put the Instagram photo widget on your blog?
Two great locations are (1) your blog’s sidebar or (2) your blog’s footer. Any blogging platform that allows you to add a text widget (, Blogger, etc.) will work well for an Instagram photo widget.

What tools/websites can you use to create an Instagram photo widget?
Read on for three options to add your Instagram photos to your blog!


Instagme is a very nice Instagram photo widget option with a simple, clean interface. You can display a grid of Instagram photos or a single photo (appearing via a slideshow or not). When you post a new photo on Instagram, that new photo will appear on your blog (once the page is refreshed). Visitors who click on your photos via the Instagme widget can add a comment via Facebook or several email venues, which broadens the reach of your photo.

Instagme is free, and there are no ads at this time. Another benefit about Instagme is the fact that those who click on your photos for a closer look have the option to follow you on Instagram directly from that page. Pretty nifty!

Snap Widget (free and paid version)

Very similar to Instagme, Snap Widget looks great in a blog’s sidebar or footer. Snap Widget has a free and paid option.

One downside is that visitors who click on your image to see a larger version arrive on a webpage that includes ads (free version only). Most of the ads are harmless, but I have seen a few that I wasn’t crazy about.

With the free version, users are not able to follow you on Instagram directly from Snap Widget (the paid version allows this). A work-around for this would be to include a link near the widget that says something like “Follow us on Instagram” – and then link to your Instagram profile (


Statigram is another nice (free) option for sharing your Instagram feed on your blog. View a lovely example of this widget on the Fat Mum Slim blog. I like the navigation bar (left and right arrows) that Statigram provides with its slideshow option.

Click the Promote tab to see several options that Statigram offers. Not only can you create an Instagram photo widget for your blog, but you can add a feed tab to your Facebook page or create a lovely Facebook cover image with your Instagram photos. Statigram even has a WordPress Instagram plugin!

Do you already display your Instagram photos on your blog? What other Instagram photo widgets have you used? Please share your thoughts in the comments.
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P.S. Of the three widget options listed above, I use Instagme for my family blog. You can see the widget in action in my right sidebar here.


--David - New reader to your site. Thanks for the tips! Another way to post Instagram to one’s blog (and/or do hundreds of other things) is to use (IF This Then That). You can create “recipes” such as “When I post to Instagram, add the item to my blog.” Hope this helps!

Julie - Thanks so much for your comment, David! I don’t use IFTTT much, but I’ve heard that it has wonderful helpful potential for bloggers! Thanks for encouraging me to experiment with it more!

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Karen Main - Julie this was the exact information I was looking for and easy to read too. Thank you.

Julie - Thanks so much for your kind comment, Karen! I’m glad the post was helpful. Your blog is beautiful, by the way!

Jaron Smith - Thanks for the post, really helpful to me.

Now here one more site with much more options and functions available..

krisi - thanks for the tips!!! I appreciate the options you provided

Hazel - Thank you for posting this! Easy to follow and with so many different options! I now have the Instagram widget on my blog :) thankie!

Alexandra - Thanks for the post :) I went with Instagme and happy with the results :)

Hayley Painter - Thank you so much! I’ve been looking for this info!

JenB - wow – that was easy! (I went with the first option!) Thanks!

Julie - That widget looks great in your sidebar, Jen! So glad it worked for you!

Erin - Hi! Your blog is so pretty! I’m really trying to improve mine, and I wanted to add my instagram feed using one of the sites you suggested. I’m using blogspot, and none of the codes are working. It keeps coming up as empty space! I was wondering if you knew what was wrong or if anyone else had the same problem.


Gigglegoosey - Thanks, this helped me a lot, I’m new to all this blogging!

Claudia - Hi! I’m new to this. I got my code but I don’t know where to paste it… It doesn’t seem to appear on my blog… Can anyone help me, please?
Thank you!

beautopiaxoxo - Great post! Used and it worked easily! :)

elly - Thanks for the suggestions – I had just tried using snapwidget but really wasn’t feeling it. Decided to give instagme a go, and it’s much better!

Linda - Thanks for the info this was super easy!

I chose instagame as you were right about snapwidget. The third option is no longer on the example blog, she has also gone to instagame!


Follow Art By Heart - Thank you so much! Instagme it is the best!

Carol - This site truly has alll of the info I wanted concerning
this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

Laurence - Just added Intagme slide to my French website thanks to you
It seems to be great, thank u :-)

Tamara - Hi, not sure if you can help. But when using any of these instead of coming u as the widget on my sidebar – it just comes up as a link. Do you know why this is? I use it in the text widget under my sidebar.

Claire - Thanks so much for sharing these. I’ve been trying to find some good options and these are great :)

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Kyliegh - Did it thanks to you! Thanks for the great post!

lauren - thanks for this post – very helpful. cheers!

Mike - I would recommend You can join few Instagram accounts to one widget. Nice option.

Samantha Grain - Sound tips, thank you for sharing Julie!:) I’d like to add that using apps can and will make your instagram better, no matter what niche you’re in. – now iconosquare, is one of the most useful. Also i use to get rid of those who won’t follow me back, it can do 5000 unsubscriptios per day, kind of statigram of unfollowing :) schedulers are very beneficial as well, postso is my choice. to showcase photos in the blog i use instagme just as you do. I wander how they managed to keep their name, as i know instagram has restricted usage of prefixes insta- and -gram. BTW thanks for suggesting Fat Mum slim, she’s funny as hell ;)

Vella Di - I also install instagram photo widget on my wordpress blog bt still not understand what to do…. :(

Kathleen - Thanks for this. I had installed the free version of Snap Widget on my website and was very unhappy with the ads. Instagme and Iconosquare were both great alternatives. I appreciate the information. :)

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Megan - Thanks for sharing – my website has a link to Instagram, but I’d love to show the photos, too. I look forward to giving these a try.

Mofe - Thanks for the very useful advice with website examples, it really helped in my search.

I actually ended up using Instagram For WordPress. Really simple plugin and even I was able to configure the widget. Nice addition to my site!

Tegan - I love snapwidget! I always use it!
Tegan xx – Permanent Procrastination

Elizabeth@ Rustic Maple - Thank you! Worked like a charm! - Thanks for the very helpful tip. I’ve added the widget using works perfectly!

Family App - These are some great tools. Thanks for sharing. I am gonna give them a try tonight!

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