6 Fun Ways to Show a Child’s Growth in Photos

Show a Child

It always amazes me how quickly children grow and change! Show your child’s growth by creating a digital photo collage and posting it on your family blog.

I once visited the home of my husband’s aunt and uncle, where I saw a most interesting collage of photos of their son. In the center of the collage was his high school graduation photo. Encircling that senior photo were 12 other photos: one from each grade (kindergarten through 11th grade). I couldn’t believe how much the child had changed over the years! Of course, it was also funny to see hairstyle and fashion changes, too!

Bloggers have several collage tools at their disposal these days, but one of the easiest (and free!) tools I’ve used recently is PicMonkey. With PicMonkey, you can create basic collages of side-by-side photos or use the advanced options to create collages with photos of all shapes and sizes! (Read details about using PicMonkey’s collage feature here.)

Here are a few photo ideas to try for your own collages:

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Have you ever created a digital photo collage? What tools (software, online, etc.) did you use? Please share your thoughts in the comments.
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* Update: I’ve created a screencast explaining how to create a basic photo collage with PicMonkey. Enjoy!


How to Create a Basic Photo Collage using PicMonkey | Family Blog Tips - […] my last post, I talked about using digital photo collages to show a child’s growth. Today, I’m sharing a screencast about how to create a basic photo collage using PicMonkey. […]

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